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Top 5 Myths About Public Adjusters

Myth #1: The insurance company will pay the same amount regardless of whether a public adjuster is involved.

We provide doument proof that retaining the services of a public adjuster shortly after a loss will generate a settlement far greater than handling a claim without representation. 

Myth #2: Using a public adjuster will cause your premiums to go up.

While insurance companies tend to dislike it when you hire a public adjuster because they end up paying out more, they cannot go up on your insurance premium because of that reason. If insurance premiums are raised, it's usually when claims are being filed in one small area and the entire region's premiums will go up, not just yours. 

Myth #3: Your insurance carrier will drop you if you use a public adjuster.

While your insurance carrier can choose to non-renew your policy for ANY reason they see fit after your policy period is up, they cannot suddenly drop your coverage because you've decided to hire an advocate. Usually carriers only drop coverage if you stop paying your premiums or a loss is deemed negligent on your part. 

Myth #4: Hiring a public adjuster will delay my claim.

Hiring a public adjuster will, in fact, shorten the time it takes to settle a claim. Public adjusters are skilled at appropriately putting pressure on the insurance company and its representatives. Moreover, the only time an insurance company wants to settle a claim quickly is when it sees an opportunity to settle a claim for less than its full value.

Myth #5: My restoration contractor says he can adjust and negotiate my insurance claim.

Public adjusters are licensed by the state through the Department of Insurance. They have passed a rigorous state exam and received one year of training before they are issued their license, and are bonded by state where they practice.

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